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Bible Teacher, Mentor
and Speaker

Yvonne Oni

​Yvonne Oni is a dynamic speaker, a Bible teacher, and a spoken word poet who brings her passion for Christ, and the lessons learned from her colourful life experiences into everything she does. Since becoming a Christian, Yvonne has been compelled to use her speaking and teaching gifts to encourage, and challenge others in their walk of faith or lack there of.   Yvonne is married to the love of her life, Tade Oni.  

About Me


 In Not Of was founded by Yvonne Oni in November 2020. Originally, it was a platform for her to share her Christian poetry, and over time, it morphed into other ministries. In July 2022, God revealed to Yvonne the reason for this ministry and why her. 

Yvonne was once of the world in several ways, and since being called and set apart by God, she sees that being a Christian is to be just that- set apart, living in the world, but not of it.

Yvonne uses her experiences to teach others that being of the world is costly but living by the Spirit of God brings true freedom. 

Yvonne often uses the phrase “reclaim the rainbow” because the symbol of a rainbow has been perverted to fit the world’s view representing pride, greed, and lust (a world Yvonne was once very much a part of). Yvonne aims to show the world what the true meaning of the rainbow is- a symbol of hope, love, and grace. 

This is why In Not Of was formed- to point believers and non-believers alike to what living in the world but not being of it is- it’s living with hope, living in love, and being surrounded by grace.


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